Who Are We?

We are the Compañía de Guías de las Bardenas. We have been offering our services inside the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve Bardenas Reales for more than 15 years.

In 2018 we decided to create ebikesbardenas and to continue offering experiences, and of course, the best quality in all our services. In this case, we are exclusively focused on ecotourism. A green and new concept with our mountain e-bikes. Everybody has their own way of living, seeing and discovering… Thus we offer a range of different activities inside and in the surrounding area of the Natural Park.

We think that the area of la Ribera de Navarra has a lot to offer. So we do not only offer guided routes in the Bardenas Natural Park that take one or several days, we also offer guided visits in Tudela and surroundings.

Because of their high geological and natural interest, the Bardenas Reales were declared Nature Reserve by the government of Navarra and World Reserve of the Biosphere by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

In order to maximally protect the landscape, the ecosystem and the geomorphologic formations of this extraordinary enclave, the Compañía de guías de las Bardenas inform that all the accesses to the Bardenas Reales with mountain e-bikes will never leave the available tracks.

We would also like to appeal to the visitors’ understanding by directing their attention on the fact that the Bardenas Reales are vulnerable, not only by climatic forces but also by man’s interference. That is why we plead for a responsible behaviour in this delicate terrain. !Muchisimas gracias! for your cooperation.